City of Moonee Valley

City Of Moonee Valley


To open a conversation with the City of Moonee Valley residents about launching the new three-bin recycling system.


Moonee Valley had the highest level (37%!) of non-English speaking residents in Victoria, with little experience or knowledge about recycling. There were some 16 key languages used by a large percentage of residents in the local area.


We conducted research as an opening tactic – finding out which sized bins people required. This also served to educate people about recycling and how the new 3 bin system worked. It was printed in the 10 ‘main’ non-English languages. Recipients were given 3 weeks to respond, but within the first week we had a 79% response rate – unheard of by the fulfilment company. This was the most successful rollout of a recycling campaign launched in Victoria that year, with a reduction in landfill far above any previously recorded.