About this Project


EnergyAustralia (formerly known as TRUEnergy) is an energy, electricity generation and gas retailing private company in Australia that has a portfolio of generating sites using thermal coal, natural gas, hydro-electric, solar energy, and wind power. It is the electricity and natural gass supplier to over 2.8 million residential and business customers throughout Australia. It briefed Starship to design series of internal communication campaigns, including a redesign of its customer bills.


Starship was faced with EnergyAustralia’s largely disinterested work force and customer base. The client’s current communications suite and strategy was confusing, leading to misunderstandings with its target audience and a high volume of billing complaints, which created dissatisfaction and public unhappiness with the company, as well as took up valuable employee time.


We created much more relevant messaging for EnergyAustralia, including easy to understand graphs, layout and engaging language, as well as a better and more comprehensive structure for its bills and collateral. We improved the timing of its communications and explanations such that workers were not inundated with unproductive calls.


Starship created better designed, branded collateral for EnergyAustralia, as well improved its communications strategy and internal communications campaigns, lowering the number of unproductive calls and dissatisfaction.