Naked Burger Bar

About this project


Develop a brand identity and personality for Naked Burger Bar, a new burger chain that serves gourmet, healthy deconstructed burgers. Naked is a burger and coffee bar with a difference: customers can order burgers one of three ways – naked, wrapped or bunned, and it is a big believer in quality and fresh, local produce.


Starship had to reflect Naked’s unusual ethos, as well as its brand promise, in a brand identity which would not only embody Naked’s playful brand personality but also let it stand out in Melbourne’s widespread offering of burger bars.


Starship created a hand-crafted vintage inspired artisanal brand with an irreverent, playful attitude, along with an illustration suite that was printed on the store interior and exterior. We created a series of brand taglines and statements, including “The Naked Truth is Always the Best Dressed Lie”, designed to highlight the fun nature of the burger brand.


We consulted on store fit-out interior design, created all brand collateral and relevant copy. Naked is now open in Doncaster. Enjoy!

Burger image credit: Naked Burger Bar.