Nillumbik City Council

GRO campaign


The Nillumbik City Council asked Starship to create a campaign to encourage residents to recycle and use a new (first in Victoria) three bin system.


The public had a lack of general knowledge on recycling, which was a new concept at the time. The Nillumbik City Council oversaw a multi-language residential area and also had a low budget. Starship had to educate and encourage the public to divert costly landfill into recycling, garden waste or compost.


Starship created the first recycling campaign in Victoria for the Nillumbik City Council, together with a communications strategy and creative material that:

  1. introduced recycling as a concept
  2. introduced their new 3 bin system
  3. educated residents about what to recycle and what to put in each bin
  4. diverted material away from landfill

Starship created the ‘GRO’ campaign for the three bin system: ‘Green, Recycle and Other’, with visually distinctive colours and copy. The campaign branding rolled out over print and outdoor advertising as well as its trucks.


GRO resonated strongly with Nillumbik residents. A 72% diversion away from landfill was achieved after just one month. As a result, the Nillumbik City Council won many awards both locally and internationally for the GRO campaign.