Patons Chocolates

About this project


Patons has been creating macadamia products since 1975 in Melbourne. Patons Chocolates called on Starship to design a premium-looking range of packaging that would appeal to their all-important international souvenir market.


We developed three likely packaging designs for Patons, which we then market researched to determine which had the greatest consumer appeal as premium-looking products.

One variant was location based, with hero images that were visually iconic for the area, making it immediately attractive to purchasers as a souvenir. These packaging designs were also easily translatable into print posters that could be hung up on location in their stores. For the souvenir range, we created a packaging template that featured a beautifully lit “hero” image of the product with a silhouette design behind it, making both images instantly recognisable for all variations.

We also created a series of print ads for Patons for their products that highlighted the premium nature of their chocolate.


Following the Cannes Trade Show, Patons Chocolates was inundated with orders, which led to a huge increase in their distribution area and the number of stockists carrying their products right across the globe. Patons is now one of the leading companies creating chocolate-covered confectionery in the world.