Pets Pantry

About this Project


Pets Pantry is a Melbourne-based online petfood, and accessories delivery company. Operating for over a decade, they provide superior pet nutrition and more to Melbourne pets. Starship was asked to develop a more contemporary and refreshed look for the Pets Pantry brand.ts current core target audience.


The refreshed brand had appeal to Pets Pantry’s existing, core target audience, while also being attractive to new customers. The client wished to retain its current brand colours and brand illustrations, operating within a low budget.


Having originally written their key message: “Super-foods don’t come from supermarkets”, Starship now highlighted Pets Pantry’s commitment to providing informed and nutritional choices for their customers’ pets.

Given Pets Pantry’s expertise in pet nutrition and its willingness to give tailored advice to its customers, we suggested they live this tailored approach through their website. This meant a ‘Search By Breeds’ page, as well as a ‘customer chat’ service where Pets Pantry could provide its expertise directly to clients: a functionality unusual to the marketplace but would add a cutting edge to the brand, allowing them to stand out from their competition.

Starship also provided Pets Pantry with a suite of complementary colours to go with their original palette, as well as creating a contemporary lockup of the branding and accompanying imagery and illustrations. At present, the refreshed brand is undergoing implementation, and Starship is excited to see where the renewed brand space will lead Pets Pantry in the future.