Shout Mate

About this Project


Starship was asked to create a brand identity for the Shout Mate app, which allows people to ‘shout’ each other drinks. This was developed in conjunction with Merchant 360.


Creating an app brand that would not only stand out against other apps in the app store, but also against ‘gifting’ apps in general. Any graphic device would have to be easily legible even in an app icon size. The brand had to immediately express what the Shout Mate app was about.


Following feedback and market research, Starship created a strong visual identity was created that expresses the apps usage, with a suite of strong brand colours unusual to the brand’s marketplace, as well as with a graphic device of a hand grasping an item, reaching out of a chat messaging bubble. The graphic device allows the app to expand beyond just shouting drinks, as the app extends to sending friends other gifts and services, and it would also be visually distinctive on associated collateral, print and digital.

Starship also wrote, produced and filmed a Shout Mate ad, in preparation for a possible upcoming crowdfunding stage, within the tight time period of two days.