St John Ambulance

About the project


St John Ambulance has been providing services to Victorians for over 130 years, not only trying to save lives but also promoting life-saving skills and training among the public. Its volunteer and community activities are funded partly by its First Aid Training and Patient Transport, but also by donations and support from the public. Starship was briefed to find a solution that would increase the revenue of St John Ambulance, its donor numbers and build awareness of St John as a provider of First Aid services to the Victorian community.


We created a direct mail campaign ‘The things we do for love’, designed to engage donors on a highly emotional level, which was delivered to 83,000 potential donors. This piece was the first of its kind to feature an actual list of what your donation could buy using different price points, allowing people to scan the list and donate something concrete to St John Ambulance: e.g. a box of bandages for $30. This not only gave the public choices and options that they had never had before, but also gave them an idea of the amount of resources that St John Ambulance needed to operate.


This campaign was the most successful fundraising appeal St John Ambulance had ever done. There was a 45% rise in revenue and a 20% rise in donor numbers.

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