Tolarno Galleries

About this project


Tolarno Galleries asked Starship to build a site where visitors could view and appreciate the range of work available through Australia’s most prestigious contemporary art gallery. Established in 1967, based in Melbourne, Tolarno Galleries has been at the cutting edge of Australia’s contemporary art scene for years, with artists having represented Australia during the Venice Biennale.


Tolarno’s site was developed with the mindset of worshipping the artists’ work. The use of a horizontal format and large imagery intentionally mimics the gallery experience. Past the landing page, the pages scroll seamlessly with clear top level navigation, and the individual artists’ pages allow visitors to download their CVs, helping Tolarno Galleries to promote artists further, particularly since Tolarno has a focus on exhibiting young, ‘fresh’ art talents along with more famous artists.

Tolarno Galleries is still using the site nearly 10 years after launch, due to a simple UID, minimalist, timeless design and user-friendly CMS.