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Blockchain and the Future of Marketing

By Anya Ow | April 13, 2022

Unless you’re already “in the know”, you might think of blockchain technology as something new, some sort of scam, or something to do with cryptocurrency. In fact, blockchain concepts have been around since 1982, when cryptographer David Chaum first proposed the concept in a dissertation. The modern decentralised blockchain as we know it was popularised […]

What’s new in 2022?

By Anya Ow | December 6, 2021

How is 2022 nearly here? Maybe it’s work from home compressing all our weeks into a singular time loop, but I was surprised to head into the city recently and realise that Myer had put up their Christmas decor. Is it really December already? Time seems to be compressing further and further… it feels like […]

Influencer Marketing

By Anya Ow | May 4, 2021

“Do you want to be famous?” was the casting call used by the new HBO documentary, Fake Famous, luring young people into a new reality TV show aimed at creating a new influencer. Fake Famous is directed and narrated by tech journalist and Vanity Fair correspondent Nick Bilton. The title of the documentary clues viewers […]

Brand Names Have Power

By Anya Ow | February 8, 2021

Earlier this year, Heinz asked people to ‘draw ketchup’, by giving them pieces of paper and a tin of coloured pencils. Most people, they claim, drew Heinz bottles. I’m surprised that nobody drew bloody red puddles, but to be fair, had I been told to draw ketchup, I’d likely have drawn a Heinz bottle too. […]

Brand Evolution or a Rebrand?

By Anya Ow | January 14, 2021

Photo: AFP As I write this article, the Cleveland Indians, an American professional baseball team, has become the second major American team to drop a racist nickname. This follows the Washington Football Team, which was previously known as the Redskins. Cleveland had already phased out logos and imagery of its cartoon mascot, Chief Wahoo, after […]

Things We Like

Molson Coors

Molson Coors

Molson Coors – High Stakes Beer Ad – is pretty much a funny Superbowl 2023 showcase of the key beer brands it owns.

Tubi – Interface Interruption

Tubi – Interface Interruption – is the brand’s Superbowl 2023, an ingenious take on making users feel like their smart TV has been hacked.
Crown Royal

Crown Royal – Thank You Canada

Crown Royal – Thank You Canada is the brand’s Superbowl 2023 ad, celebrating what the brand loves about Canada with Dave Grohl.
Doritos - Jack's New Angle

Doritos – Jack’s New Angle

Doritos – Jack’s New Angle – is the brand’s hilarious Superbowl 2023 ad, featuring Jack Harlow, Missy Elliott, and Elton John.


Harvestella is a Square Enix farming game along the lines of Stardew Valley, combining great combat with a fun farming sequence.
Underwater Scenes Wakanda Forever

Underwater Scenes of Wakanda Forever

Underwater Scenes of Wakanda Forever looks at the making of the water sequences in the Black Panther film, including SFX and practical.

Publicis – Working with Cancer

Publicis – Working with Cancer – is the brand’s latest Superbowl 2023, featuring the brand’s pledge to provide cancer patients with job security for at least a year.
Six Degrees of Budweiser

Six Degrees of Budweiser

Six Degrees of Budweiser is the beer company’s 2023 Superbowl ad, featuring their famous horses at the start and Kevin Bacon’s narration.
First Bank

First Bank – Superbowl 2023

First Bank has a new ad up for the 2023 Superbowl, involving David Banks and a funny parodic sequence with a lifeguard.
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