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Influencer Marketing

By Anya Ow | May 4, 2021 | 0 Comments

“Do you want to be famous?” was the casting call used by the new HBO documentary, Fake Famous, luring young people into a new reality TV show aimed at creating a new influencer. Fake Famous is directed and narrated by tech journalist and Vanity Fair correspondent Nick Bilton. The title of the documentary clues viewers …

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Brand Names Have Power

By Anya Ow | February 8, 2021 | 0 Comments

Earlier this year, Heinz asked people to ‘draw ketchup’, by giving them pieces of paper and a tin of coloured pencils. Most people, they claim, drew Heinz bottles. I’m surprised that nobody drew bloody red puddles, but to be fair, had I been told to draw ketchup, I’d likely have drawn a Heinz bottle too. …

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Brand Evolution or a Rebrand?

By Anya Ow | January 14, 2021 | 0 Comments

Photo: AFP As I write this article, the Cleveland Indians, an American professional baseball team, has become the second major American team to drop a racist nickname. This follows the Washington Football Team, which was previously known as the Redskins. Cleveland had already phased out logos and imagery of its cartoon mascot, Chief Wahoo, after …

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Holiday Season Retail in 2020

By Anya Ow | December 15, 2020 | 0 Comments

If you’ve been remotely online for the last few months, you’d have likely seen retailers like John Lewis crank out their usual high budget Christmas ads – with a twist. Some of the ads, like Disney’s, don’t acknowledge the 900 pound COVID19 elephant in the room. Others, like John Lewis’, try to encourage people to …

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The Aussie Wine Exports Apocalypse

By Anya Ow | December 7, 2020 | 0 Comments

You’ve probably seen the news by now if you’re anywhere near part of the industry: due to various reasons including the Australian Federal Government’s decision to ban Huawei from 5G networks and forming a new defence pact with Japan, China has hit Aussie wines with tariffs, ranging from 107-200%. The wine industry is only the …

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Things We Like

the land of new football

The Land of New Football – Nike

The Land of New Football is the latest football campaign by Nike, featuring a young, all-inclusive cast across ethnicities and countries.
A Classic Horror Story

A Classic Horror Story

A Classic Horror Story by Netflix has an experiential billboard installation in Milan that sets jump scares on unsuspecting passers-by.
eat fresh refresh

Eat Fresh Refresh – Subway

Eat Fresh Refresh is Subway’s latest campaign, featuring a series of famous spokespersons, including Stephen Curry and Serena Williams.
the last mercenary

The Last Mercenary

The Last Mercenary is the latest film by Jean Claude Van Damme, who is what, 60 this year? The man will never retire at this rate.

Biubiubiu – Youku eSports film

Biubiubiu is an upcoming championship esports film by Youku, which looks roughly based on the highly popular PVP game, PUBG.
how the rich avoid paying taxes

How The Rich Avoid Paying Taxes

How the Rich Avoid Paying Taxes – a Vox Explainer about USA’s system of long term capital gains and other investment loopholes.
monster hunter - legend of the guild

Monster Hunter – Legends of the Guild

Monster Hunter – Legends of the Guild is a new Netflix animation focused on characters within the wildly popular titular game.
Adidas Dubai

Adidas Dubai – Beyond the Surface

Adidas Dubai has created a new campaign, Beyond the Surface, focused on launching Adidas’ new Full Cover Swimsuit collection.
Plastic Fishing

Corona – Plastic Fishing

Corona – Plastic Fishing – is a new campaign by the Mexican beer brand targeted at reducing plastic waste in our oceans.
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