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Uhoh! You've reached Starship's secret shrine to Anya's cats.

Anya has two cats, Russ and Pascal. They have successfully negotiated a semi-hostile ceasefire.

This is Russ. He is 11+, a purebred Birman who, until 2018, was king of everything he saw. Look upon this majestic floof. Love him and despair. PS: The vet tells us that he "has got layers" and "clearly likes his food". We have no idea how this happened. He's on a sad pellet vet-prescribed diet because of allergies.

This is Pascal. He is 1+. We're pretty sure he's a flerken. He hasn't thrown up the tesseract yet, but it's probably a matter of time. He's a 24/7 energiser battery noise machine of a cat.

Advertising can learn a lot from cats. Be authentic. Have a serious sense of style. Develop an attitude.

Every cat knows they're awesome. People love them even though, let's face it, cats can be little bastards. Yet they still have a huge cult following. Look at all the cat merch that Anya has, even though she's more of a dog person. We call this intense, often irrational love of a thing "brand loyalty", and it's a thing that we try to get our clients to instill in their customers.

And if all else fails, looking good goes a long way. The cat way.

Want to learn more about cats? Have space for a little chaos in your life? We highly recommend adopting one, two, or three (we don't judge) floofballs. Cats actually do make great pets! But remember, as with any pet, they are a commitment. And for Cthulhu's sake, if you get one, please keep it indoors. It'll live longer and it won't destroy native species.

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