Printable Latte Art

Because why not. You might as well have the absolutely fully branded coffeeshop experience, with printable latte art. Print on the branding, for maximum hipster! Ripples is an ingenious mix of an inkjet and a 3D printer, using tiny little coffee drops to make up an image. How it works:

With the Ripple Maker you’ll turn ordinary coffee into an extraordinary experience. Using patented printing technology, the machine creates inspiring Ripples from any image or text atop the foam layer of coffee beverages. Create a moment and forge a connection with your customers. Make a foam-topped coffee drink by your usual methods. Place the cup on the machine, select an image from the extensive content library or approve your customer’s created design. Your Ripple prints in just seconds. Give your drink the perfect finishing touch.

Ripple Pods are filled with our patented coffee extract made from a high-quality mix of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Your Ripples will be printed in coffee, on coffee, and each pod creates more than 1000 Ripples. Included in your monthly service plan.

According to Digital Trends, Ripple Maker isn’t easily available for home use (at least, not cheaply), but it’s already been installed in a handful of NYC locations, and will roll out across the USA in 2016. Chances are, it’ll be coming to hipster Melbourne soon…

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