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How do you make beautifully crafted bespoke dental work sexy? Starship was asked to do exactly that – with the launch of this B2B campaign on behalf of Keramik dental laboratory. Starship had to turn an intensely personal, technical art-like business into one that is more digital and long distance, without losing the quality of the commercial relationships or the kudos of the established brand. Dentists are notoriously fastidious science-oriented customers and it’s hard to get their attention. Located in Melbourne, Keramik Dental has been helping Australia’s best dentists produce stunning, comfortable, willing smiles for generations – their craftsmanship focuses on the minutae of detail in colours and the latest of materials, and work closely with leading professionals to produce superbly realistic, individual beauty.

Under the ‘Art Oral’ campaign, dental sculptures were created in a stylised way, to give Keramik’s work more of an artistic, contemporary look. This allowed the dental laboratory to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Keramik dental laboratory was founded by Gianluca Scarica in 1988, and since then has become one of the leading and progressive Dental Laboratories in the Dental Industry, using a 3 shape, 3D digital dental system that inspires artistry and creativity in its technicians.

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