Starship was asked by the City of Boroondara to make a series of recommendations and marketing exercises designed to help revitalise the city after the painful economic effects from the lockdowns and the COVID-19 pandemic. These recommendations had to be respectful, empowering, encourage safety during the new normal, and be responsive to potential future lockdowns or similar pandemic-related economic shocks. Traders and other business owners needed both short and long-term aid urgently.


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Situation Analysis

Shopkeepers and residents of the City of Boroondara are in a symbiotic relationship. The public need a convenient, positive environment in which to do their living; meeting friends, getting their food and clothing, their essential lifestyle requirements, and the shopkeepers and business owners (who often are residents) provide all those things the residents enjoy. It works as a well-oiled machine in Boroondara, possibly Australia’s most affluent and well organised of cities.

The shopping strips needed serious help. People have lost their confidence, and stores were suffering. The Council needed a way to build trade in the city, which contains 53 shopping strips, of which many are small and under-resourced. These needed easily run-out campaigns to generate business.


Aimed at being fluid in nature, Starship recommended core exercises and processes, including a range of items to further individualise campaign elements and provide a sense of autonomy within the more general Boroondara approach. We developed our approach after several consultations with the city's key executive marketing team and with a group of the city's trade representatives.

The unifying and overarching message was ‘‘Love Local Life’, a customisable campaign that could be rolled out across Boroondara itself, integrated with a coordinated range of different media, with timed messages and a targeted approach aimed at generating traffic, awareness, and sales. We aimed to make Boroondara residents love the shops near where they live by highlighting the people and personal stories close by in a positive way.



The initiative is now live and applied across various digital touchpoints. Businesses can sign in to the directory to help boost their local profiles.


  • Project management
  • Marketing strategy
  • Art Direction
  • Brand strategy and concept development
  • Language and tone development
  • Illustration and graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Website design
  • Content development, management and creative execution
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