Help Shape Our City

Starship was asked to communicate Boroondara’s 2030 proposed ‘strategic plan for population growth’ to its residents, and to develop a series of events, channels and mechanisms that would give residents a way to genuinely be included in the debate. We were given an A4 295 page document from Boroondara’s planning department, and was asked to translate it into a clear, succinct piece of communication that engages residents and engenders their desire to be part of the discussion.



Starship undertook extensive research into community expectations then later created a unique look and simplified messaging for the 2030 strategy plan, which executed into a ‘Special Edition Bulletin’. In conjunction with Boroondara’s communications team, we undertook the following activities:

  • Consolidated 295 pages of planning information into 24 pages, summarising all the key points
  • Developed Fact sheets and FAQs
  • Created a 24page ‘Special Edition Bulletin’ that went to every resident
  • Developed online surveys and feedback forms
  • Developed online forums (independently moderated)
  • Conducted multiple focus groups
  • Planned and developed interactive forums, open houses and drop in sessions
  • Established/scripted, a Planning Hotline
  • Developed the UX for the ‘Have Your Say’ website
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