For a Life Less Ordinary

Metricon asked Starship to develop a creative communications strategy and execution campaign for Mandalay: a 2,200 house lot development over 10km (of wide, green pastures) past Craigieburn, on Melbourne’s North Western outer most ring. Mandalay was planned around an 18-hole golf course.



Metricon was faced with multiple potential target markets that all had different needs, wants and motivations. There was also the significant problem of isolation/distance. There was very low public awareness of Mandalay as a location, let alone as an attractive residential prospect, and only 7% of Metricon’s target audience for Mandalay (1:15) were remotely interested in golf.



After deep research involving cross-analysis of the commercial statistics-based psychographics, backed up with intense one-on-one psychologically structured interviews, we gave Mandalay the positioning line ‘away from the everyday’ – the best way of positioning the location to ‘Pioneers’, who were seeking to escape the rat –race by buying into Mandalay’s new homes, technologically advanced features, 45% open space and club memberships.

Furthermore, we provided a visual language that incorporated a hidden story, encouraging viewers to take ownership of the image by placing themselves in the picture, as well as a sense of mystery that intrigued viewers about the Mandalay development. Meaning the development had a highly memorable, non-cliché look and feel, that you’ll recall has often been copied since.



Initial sales to pioneers were then focused on early adopters, and as the project grew, sales to various project life stage buyers continued flowing through the process. Sales at Mandalay substantially exceeded all expectations. The development has now reached a mature stage with a ROI that is far above normal for the industry.

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