Mexico Tourism Board Tequila Cloud

In a novel development, the Mexico Tourism Board has created a tequila cloud. Just in case you needed more reasons to visit Mexico. Via the Huffington Post:

The tourism board installed the boozy cloud at an art gallery in rain-drenched Berlin this week to remind local residents that it’s always a little sunnier in Mexico. The contraption was synced with the local weather patterns, so whenever it rained in Berlin, the “tequila cloud” would rain too, according to LAPIZ.

But don’t get too excited. This cloud won’t be able to float freely outdoors.

This alcohol-infused cloud is actually a tequila-based mist held together by a plastic container that helps the mist keep its cloud-like shape. A team at LAPIZ used ultrasonic humidifiers to “vibrate” the tequila at a frequency that turns the alcohol into the visible mist. Then, that mist is pushed into a plastic container, where all the magic happens.

“The tequila was pushed into an invisible plastic structure where sprays of tequila mixed with the vapor formed the cloud,” Luciana Cani, the agency’s executive creative director, told The Huffington Post. The vapor and sprays of tequila condense inside of the plastic, then drops form the cloud, under which drinkers can hold out their shot glasses. “With the plastic, we created a base the vapor could form around,” Cani said. “But the most important function of the plastic was to work as a condensation surface for the tequila mist.”

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