Time Chicken

Which game first – the chicken or the egg? Time Chicken is a claymation short film that tries to solve this age old philosophical question. Via Short of the Week:

Employing a playful Claymation aesthetic to tackle a famous philosophical question that dates back thousands of years to Ancient Greece, Nick Black’s 6-minute stop-motion Time Chicken looks to finally answer the creation conundrum: What came first, the Chicken or the Egg?

Set in a world purely populated by poultry, Time Chicken is eggsplosive (sorry) fun, but this epic feathered fantasy isn’t just out to tickle your funny bone (although that was one of Black’s main goals). Exploring themes of science vs religion and the philosophical nature of creation (although Black’s film never feels like it takes these debates too seriously), upon reflection there’s some certainly some hidden depth to this crazy Claymation.

Created over a two-year-period with a Canon DSLR and handmade sets made from found objects, Time Chicken had a fairly successful festival run, but its spirited DIY aesthetic and inventive storyline makes it feel like a short perfectly suited to the online arena.

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