A Day in the Life of a Sushi Master

A Day in the Life of a Sushi Master — as can be seen through films like Jiro Dreams of Sushi, it’s a lot more work than you’d think. Via High Snobriety:

We’ve shown you how to make your favorite sneakers out of sushi, but you probably don’t realize what it takes to become a sushi master. Chef Nozomu Abe, owner of New York’s Sushi Noz, has been mastering the art of making sushi for 20 years. In an effort to go behind the scenes to see what it really takes to be a true master, food network Tasty spent a day with Abe to share what his day-to-day schedule is like.

His work day starts at 9 a.m. when he arrives at the restaurant, however, his employees are already hard at work. Abe then inspects the quality of the day’s fish, all while mulling over the courses. After the menu has been finalized, the chef and his team then begin to prepare the items. Abe states that 90 percent of his work is taken care of before his customers even arrive.

Prior to seating his guests, Abe meticulously decorates the restaurant, ultimately aiming to transport each customer to Japan. When they arrive, it’s all about bringing out the energy of the food as he makes each dish in front of his guests.

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