A John Cena Boyband for Skyy


John Cena is every member of a boyband for this bizarre, hilarious ad for Skyy. We’re not entirely sure what it’s about but we’re down. Via Adweek:

Ask 30 different Americans how they choose to exercise their patriotism, and you will likely get 30 different responses. And you should. That array of perspectives is what makes this country, at its core, truly magnificent.

For some, that means proudly reciting a pledge. For others, perhaps it means performing peculiar spoken word while enacting a branded homage to the Backstreet Boys.

In the case of John Cena and Skyy Vodka, it means both. And that dichotomy is as odd as it is glorious-which is honestly a perfect summation of America, when you think about it.

Skyy has partnered with the WWE star for two very different ads that continue its Proudly American campaign, a celebration of the bold and inclusive aspects of the American spirit. The ads were created in partnership with creative agency VMLY&R, Paper Entertainment and communications agency BCW.

“The Pledge” takes a fairly traditional approach of expression with alternating scenes of Cena living his best life and glimpses of other Americans doing the same (including RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Star winner Trixie Mattel, who appeared in earlier outdoor and video iterations of the campaign). Throughout the montage, Cena can be heard reciting an amended version of the American pledge of allegiance, one that honors “all those who make America what it is, and what it will be.”

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