Apple "Share Your Gifts" Campaign

Apple’s new Christmas campaign is titled “Share Your Gifts” and is all about encouraging creatives to be more confident and share their work. Via the Daily Mail:

Apple has unveiled its holiday ad – an animated short reminiscent of the poignant filmography of Pixar animation studios. The ad titled ‘Share Your Gifts’ opens on a picturesque, mountain town and features the sweet ballad ‘Come Out and Play’ by 16-year-old breakout pop star Billy Eilish written for the campaign.

A curly-haired, freckle-faced heroine named Sofia stars in the piece as she is seen working on projects hidden from view on her sticker-covered Apple laptop. She then prints out, frowns over and places her ideas in a gift box tied with a ribbon and locked down with a hair pick. The only witness to her creativity is her large, shaggy dog.

The following day depicts her hiding her creativity from her elderly bakery employers, a child on a bus and a friend in a coffee shop as Billie Eilish’s song gently chides ‘don’t hide away’.

But, she’s forced to ‘come out and play’ when her dog forces the issue, spilling her hidden work out onto snowy streets that get blown by the wind until they come to rest at a winter carnival.

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