Apple's New iPhone X Ad

Apple’s quirky new iPhone X ad pushing its new phone embiggens everything, including an orange housecat and someone’s avocado toast. As to the phone itself, here’s the Wired review: Evolutionary, not Revolutionary:

This year’s new iPhones? They’re last year’s phone design with some new internals. One of those new features is an impressive new chip, one of the first of its kind in a smartphone. This chip powers faster FaceID unlocks, better photos, and advanced AI. For the $1,000 you’ll spend on this phone, you’re earning back seconds of your time, getting photos you can adjust after you shoot them, and experiencing sophisticated computer vision in mobile apps.

But aside from one of the phones having a giant display, the iPhone XS and the larger iPhone XS Max don’t feel much different from last year’s iPhone X. This year’s phones don’t spark strong feelings—except maybe chagrin that they cost so much.

Some people will upgrade because they’re due for an upgrade. Others will buy one of these because they want to have the newest thing. And that’s fine. They’re great phones. Just don’t expect to feel the kind of feelings, as you’re sliding this phone out of your pocket or purse, that you’d get with a radically redesigned piece of hardware. As I used these new phones, I found myself struggling to define, exactly, what felt new about them. It’s there; you just have to dig deep.

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