Coca-Cola and the Wonder of Us

Coca-cola’s Superbowl ad, the Wonder of Us, includes a beautiful message about diversity to kick off the brand’s 2018 marketing platform. Via Adweek:

Wieden+Kennedy Portland created the 60-second spot that will air during the fourth quarter of the game. Alma Har’el directed the spot.

“For this particular message, it is a strategic choice for us. It’s such a big audience and we want to celebrate the diversity of that audience. It isn’t as much about it being advertising’s biggest stage as we feel like it is the ability to reach all of those billions of unique you’s,” Brynn Bardacke, vp, content and creative excellence for Coca-Cola North America, said.

Coke’s latest ad, “The Wonder of Us,” showcases all types of people enjoying Coca-Cola products with different people narrating the spot, which is actually set to a poem about the brand. A Wieden+Kennedy team member (who also happens to have a Ph.D. in poetry) wrote the poem that viewers will hear in the spot. A print version of the poem will also run in The New York Times on Sunday and again in USA Today on Monday.

“The poem is something we’ve really fallen in love with, and seeing the words themselves, not only hearing them but seeing them, was the right combination,” Jennifer Healan, group director, integrated marketing content for Coca-Cola North America, said.

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