Deadpool's Devour Tie In

Deadpool’s movie advertising tie in with Devour is funny because it’s self-deprecating and has unicorns, playing off the character’s tendency to break the fourth wall. Via Adweek:

Brand partnerships with superhero movies are inevitable—let’s face it, most movies are superhero movies these days—but so many of them seem like an unnatural fit. Or a lazy one, at best. There’s a car chase in the movie? Let’s use that in a car commercial! Genius!

That might initially seem like the case with Deadpool’s Devour partnership. Why would Deadpool care about frozen food? Well, he doesn’t—and that’s what makes the new 30-second spot work.

By leaning into the seemingly gross dealmaking of it all and having Deadpool stay true to himself, breaking the fourth wall to tell people exactly what he’s doing and why, the creative team at Wildness (the in-house agency at Gen-Z multimedia company Awesomeness) has crafted an unexpectedly clever superhero spot.

“I always told myself I’d never sell out,” Deadpool allegedly said in a statement sent by Devour’s PR team, “But daddy needs to bring home the bacon. In more ways than one.” Sure.

Of course, winking at product tie-ins isn’t the only reason it works. If you’ve seen Deadpool, you know he’s exactly the kind of guy who’d go out drinking all night and needs to microwave one of those sandwiches at 4 a.m. because he forgot to eat dinner.

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