Don’t F**k With Cats

Things we’ve been watching: Don’t F**k With Cats, Netflix’s new true crime / investigative documentary about tracing a killer. Via Esquire:

Netflix’s breakout docuseries, Don’t Fuck with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer, has captured the nation’s attention because, as the title suggests, people do not like when someone messes with the internet’s mascot. In fact, according to the doc, it’s the internet’s “rule zero.” The three-part limited series goes well beyond the terrors of animal abuse though. The full story of Luka Magnotta and the heinous Canadian murder he was charged for might have never have come to light had it not been for John Green and Deanna Thompson. Green, a Los Angeles resident with a penchant for internet sleuthing, and Thompson, a Las Vegas casino data analyst, worked together over the course of two years to unearth Magnotta’s identity after a video of a man killing two kittens in a vacuum-sealed bag went viral. What the two didn’t know is how extensive, and potentially dangerous, their search would be.

The two initially met on a Facebook group dedicated to tracking down the original poster of the video, but their search would lead them on an insane chase across three different international hub cities. Even more terrifyingly, Thompson would end up in the potential crosshairs of Magnotta before his eventual arrest, receiving at least one video and one threatening quote. Despite not having met until after Magnotta’s arrest and trial, the two (along with the help of a select number of Facebook group members) always seemed to be one step ahead of the police investigation of the most gruesome murders in modern history.

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