Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal came out in time for the lockdown / long weekend on the Switch. Anyone tried it yet? Heard it’s a difficult game… Via GameCrate:

Well Doom Eternal came out, and with it we have all started ripping and tearing our way through demon hordes aplenty. However, beneath the blood, gore, and chainsaws, Doom Eternal actually makes a fairly interesting statement about game difficulty that you might not expect. Doom Eternal posits that difficulty isn’t a challenge to overcome and, as a result, get gamer bragging points. Rather, difficulty is a function of tone?

What does this mean? Well it’s very clear that Doom is a game all about tone. It doesn’t have a particularly compelling story and we don’t come for the story. We come to feel like Doom Guy, like an incredible badass space marine that is able to destroy the legions of hell using nothing but his unbridled rage and two barrels of a shotgun. It’s an emotional experience.

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