Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal was announced at E3 with a new trailer and Doomguy now has traversal abilities and new maps built on this additional mobility. Via PC Gamer:

There can be no argument that the life of the Doom Slayer has been filled with countless badass moments, but his most badass moment of all happens in Doom Eternal. You can watch it in the video embedded above or here on YouTube.

The Doom Slayer has fought his way across Phobos, cutting demons open with his chainsaw, roasting them with his new shoulder-mounted flame-thrower, and firing his grappling hook into cacodeamons and swinging around the joint like an ultra-violent Spider-Man. But now he needs to leave Phobos and get his ass to Mars, which has been torn up so badly the core of the planet is exposed.

In order to get to Mars, he needs to reach a escape pod located on a chunk of the base that’s floating through space, far from Phobos. So The Slayer stalks over to a massive, mounted cannon. He lifts the hatch and pushes the heavy torpedo out of the way with his boot. Then he climbs inside the cannon and fires himself through space like a goddamn human rocket, smashing through the outer wall of the base like a bunker buster.

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