Ducktales makes a Comeback

In what appears to be the year of the nostalgia returns, what with Backstreet Boys and ABBA etc releasing new singles, Ducktales is back. And bizarre. Via AVClub:

DuckTales, in any incarnation–comic series, old TV show, new TV show–is perfectly suited for the strange, to be clear. But in terms of all the actual “stuff” that happen in this episode, in addition to what we learn and how all of that is executed, this episode is a particularly strange outing. “McMystery At McDuck McManor” is at once bold in its revelations and frustratingly representative of a lot of the show’s current hiccups. I honestly have no idea how to truly grade this one, so it gets the universal, noncommittal B.

DuckTales is comfortable with its portrayal of Louie. It was a little wishy-washy with Dewey but seemed to have finally grasped his characterization with last week’s episode. But Huey seems to continually be a struggle. Ostensibly the character who’s obsessed with rules, organization, and structure–a classic cartoon characterization trope–DuckTales seems to want to try and push him to “comic” extremes. It’s clear with his nutty outburst in “The Infernal Internship Of Mark Beaks.” It’s clear in how he maintains his commentary composure in the midst of a horror show in “The Missing Links Of Moorshire.”

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