Fake Influencer Bali Trip

This fake influencer Bali trip stunt was pulled by Natalia Taylor in an IKEA, to bring awareness to how some travel influencers are actually faking. Via Traveller:

Taylor, herself, was surprised so many were fooled.

“Maybe it’s just me but it seems, like, painfully obvious that I’m not in Bali. I’m not even posting any of the iconic Bali photos of me on the beach or in exotic locations and I’m getting away with it. That’s insane.”

Taylor thought the third set of photos were the most obviously fake, but said a few minutes after posting that “no one is questioning it. All of the comments are people asking me to come visit them in their home country. Am I jerk for doing this? I feel like a jerk. Why do I feel like a bad person? This was supposed to be an experiment.”

She concludes by saying “I think this video has a lesson, doesn’t it? It has a lesson. Don’t trust everything you see on the internet. Sometimes people want to lie about who they are as a person, and it’s not hard to do apparently. So I have to say this prank on my Instagram followers… was a success.”

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