Fan Trailer for Watership Down

This beautifully cut fan trailer for Watership Down and its sequel, the Plague Dogs, kinda breaks our hearts all over again. Edited by YouTuber MoonlightButterfly, this trailer uses “Time and Tide” by Alan Price as its backing audio. Watership Down and the Plague Dogs are books by Richard Adams. Haven’t read them? Probably should get on that. Need more convincing? Here’s a recent review:

It is that power that Richard Adams believed in and rendered in his novel. I read Watership Down for the first time when I was twenty-five. I didn’t read it as an allegory—I read it as a story about rabbits. The quote from the London Times on the back of the book still gives me chills: “I announce with trembling pleasure, the appearance of a great story.”

Never has a quote on the back of a book captured so perfectly my own feelings: this is the novel I love most in the world. I wrote to Richard Adams a couple of times, to tell him so, and sent him a photograph of the two rabbits I had who were in love. He wrote back. He told me he was moved to hear my parents had fallen in love as they read his book.

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