Godfather of Chickentown

Colonel Sanders is the Godfather of Chickentown in this vaguely threatening, weirdly hilarious KFC (UK) ad which points out knockoffs. Via the Drum:

KFC has launched a campaign that reminds the public that there is only one place to get the Colonel’s Original Recipe.

Created by Mother, the spot sees the original chicken Don, Colonel Sanders, hit the streets of the UK.

As he cruises down the street in a big red saloon, with the Godfather theme (in this case, a specially-commissioned Royal Philharmonic Orchestra performance of Love Theme by Nino Rota) playing over the action, the Don spots chicken imitators along the way. As he heads down the chicken shop road, neon-lit chicken shops appear before him, from ‘QFC’ to ‘Lip Lickin’ and ‘Houston Fried Chicken.’ The ad hints that the chicken pretenders are just an imitation of KFC and won’t be able to match its ‘iconic’ taste.

After hand-breading his iconic Original Recipe chicken, the Colonel drives away and we’re reminded that KFC chicken is only available at KFC.

Discussing the new campaign, KFC UK’s chief marketing officer, Meghan Farren said: “It’s flattering to have this entire legion of imitators, and we wish every chicken shop out there the best of luck.

“But there’s nowhere else you can get the Colonel’s Original Recipe. We invest time, effort and skill into freshly hand-breading Kentucky Fried Chicken in our kitchens – all day, every day – and that’s why you can only get KFC at KFC.”

Hermeti Balarin, partner at Mother added: “There’s only one colonel in Chicken Town. And his name is Harland Sanders. Capice?”

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