Google Chrome Anniversary Campaign

Google Chrome celebrates 10 years with its “Don’t be a Browser” campaign, which partners with partnered with Virtue, the agency born from Vice. Via the Drum:

The internet may evolve faster than a cage full of rabbits, but over the last decade, Google Chrome has been a constant, a browsing partner to help us see and learn it all.

September marks the browser’s 10-year anniversary, and to celebrate the occasion, Chrome partnered with Virtue, the agency born from Vice, to create the ‘Don’t Be a Browser’ campaign.

In the past decade, people’s relationship with the internet has changed drastically. The internet and Chrome have gone from a destination we occasionally visited to a fundamental part of everyday life. It opens the door for people to do, create, and connect with absolutely anything and anyone at any time. But despite its global impact, its seamless integration and constant presence in our lives has sometimes made it fade into the background.

To remind us of the unlimited possibilities provided to us by Chrome, the ‘Don’t Be a Browser’ campaign states that the internet can be a tool for good and one that unites us. In the 60-second spot we see a smattering of varied search actions come to life with a wire frame window animated over each scene. Each one reveals through Chrome website tabs exactly how that person got to where they are. One man changes hair color in the aftermath of a breakup, while someone working on a dated bathroom sink is framed by the ‘Find a Fixer Upper’ tab. The breakup guy is revisited getting in shape and finding his center through yoga as his tabs multiply. His journey is interspersed with tabs of others donating to good causes – with a cameo by teen activist Marley Dias – adopting pets, floating in space and finding distant relatives, among others, before coming back to the breakup guy going on a new date.

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