Group Facetime with Elvises

Group Facetime on iPhone creates a community of diverse but tech-savvy lonesome Elvises to promote the automatic face detection feature. Via The Drum:

A group of disparate but tech-savvy Elvis Presley impersonators are the stars of Apple’s latest ad, which aims to promote the automatic face detection feature of Group FaceTime.

‘A Little Company’, the latest film from the tech giant, opens with a Vegas-era Elvis impressionist holding his guitar in an isolated desert motel. But when he strums his first chord, it’s clear he is not truly alone: a band of fellow King obsessives look up from his iPhone, all tuned into the same FaceTime stream.

As the Presley ballad ‘There’s Always Me’ plays, the camera pans to the myriad of Elvises showcasing their rendition. The film takes us to a swathe of locations across the world – from a high-rise apartment in Asia to a cabin on stormy seas via a shack in the Scottish Highlands.

At the climax, our original King of Rock ‘n’ Roll is briefly joined by his friends for a dazzling finale in his motel. But as the camera zooms out, the lights flash and it’s made clear the ensemble was just in his imagination – and on FaceTime.

The film aims to showcase how Group FaceTime can bring people together during the holiday season. Apple did not declare which agency, if any, created the spot.

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