How to Be Alone

How to Be Alone is the first film from writer/director Kate Trefry, who worked on Stranger Things. It’s a horror/psych thriller short. Via Short of the Week:

How to be Alone, the directorial debut from Stranger Things staff writer and Blacklist-honored scribe Kate Trefry, is one of those kinds of film—horror in form, but psychological thriller in theme. It’s a very personal kind of horror, one that turns the neat trick of transplanting a woman’s interior anxieties into the real world—mental demons brought to life. It isn’t particularly scary per se, though it is a gorgeous film filled with incredibly creepy imagery, but instead it shines as a thoughtful character examination of a young woman in a crisis of identity. Artfully borrowing from touchstone classics, the short bridges the classic horror archetypes of the “final girl” and the “dysfunctional mother” as these warring identities collide on the battlefield of her own neuroses, allowing for a fascinating interplay between victim and badass warrior—a rich characterization that does not have to submit wholly to either.

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