HSE Quit "I Will Survive"

Ireland’s HSE Quit’s “I Will Survive” anti-smoking campaign has been so popular and successful than it’s been imported over to the USA. Via Adweek:

“Like real-life quitters, some people in the ad are in the moment of giving up, others are in a moment of truth around the effect smoking has had on their life. But all are defiant in the face of cigarettes and the harm they do,” the HSE said in a release. “The advert uses the words and music of Gloria Gaynor’s much loved song ‘I Will Survive,’ which mirrors the feelings and stages many quitters go through on their journey to being free of cigarettes and is a celebration of being free from an unhealthy relationship.”

Fidelma Browne, head of programmes and campaigns at the HSE, tells AdFreak it’s an honor to see the campaign cross the Atlantic.

“We’re excited and incredibly proud that the campaign has traveled in this way and hope that it can help do some good,” she says. “We are really proud of all our campaigns, but the QUIT campaign is one of our strongest, and has given us such a sense of achievement, seeing smoking prevalence drop year after year.”

Indeed, the percentage of Irish people who smoke is down from 29 percent to 22 percent since 2007. Some 27 percent of the population are ex-smokers, which means over 1 million people (aged 15 years or older) living in Ireland have successfully quit smoking—and that, as the ad notes, there are now more quitters than smokers in Ireland.

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