Jeff Leatham

Jeff Leatham is Instagram’s most famous florist, known for his work for the Four Seasons Hotel, Oprah, the Kardashians and others. Via Teen Vogue:

You may not know Jeff Leatham by name, but you probably know his work. And you definitely know his clients. But you should also know this about the florist: he’s over flower walls.

He’d rather shower clients in flowers dripping from the ceiling, he tells Teen Vogue the day before Valentine’s Day, one of the bigger days of the year for his shop. Christmas, and the OTT installations he creates for Kylie and Kris Jenner, among other clients, is bigger. If you’ve seen Kris’s foyer decorations over the past years — or the gifts Kylie showed off on Snapchat when her daughter Stormi was born — you’ll know what I mean. But even with a holiday like February 14 looming over us, Jeff and his assistants seemed happy to work at their own pace.

And his shop, which is located at the Four Seasons hotel in Los Angeles, is everything and nothing like what you’d imagine. For starters, it looks like an average workroom, but there are hints that it caters to anything-but-ordinary clients if you take a peek around. Pop music blares in the background, and everywhere you look, foam blocks wait to be covered in flowers. On a side table are five identical rose clusters in heart-shaped formations. Each of them has a corresponding black envelope, its recipient’s name written in gold ink. (All of the names begin with a K.) These flowers are destined for social media stardom, to be Snapchatted and Instagrammed and tagged with a thank you to the man who is sitting across from me.

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