Leap Year Birthday and Aviation Gin

Aviation Gin celebrates a Leap Year Birthday — technically, this lady is 21 years old. Ryan Reynolds is turning out to be a genius at guerilla marketing, though it helps that he himself is personally very famous. Via USAToday:

Arlene Manko may be 84 years old, but she’s just now celebrating her first “legal” drink.

Thanks to Leap Year, Manko has only had a true birthday every four years, making her one of the world’s eldest 21-year-olds.

And to celebrate her “legal drinking age,” Manko stars in a new ad for actor Ryan Reynold’s liquor brand, Aviation Gin.

“I was technically 5 years old when I got married,” she says in the ad. “I had seven kids in 10 years, did you think sometimes I didn’t want a drink?”

Now, she’s finally at “legal drinking age.”

In spite of her resolve to follow rules and avoid trouble, Manko says in the ad that she’s “no angel” over footage of her showing her ID to cashiers as she tried to purchase alcohol – at one point she has on a fake mustache.”That’s OK, I’m ready to party.”

“We wanted her first legal drink to be Aviation Gin,” Reynolds says.

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