Long Term Delivery

Long Term Delivery is a comedic short film from Jake Honig, a romanticised story about a secret division within the US Postal Service. Via Short of the Week:

Inspired to create his narrative after becoming frustrated when a series of packages were failed to be delivered to him. Honig dreamed up a “romanticized story” about what could be happening behind-the-scenes of the postal service.

“I am enthralled by the ways bureaucracies function and like to imagine people hidden deep below the surface who actually care about the mission of the institution”, Honig admits when discussing the aims of Long Term Delivery. “The United States Postal Service is actually an incredibly impressive organization, having mapped out every address in the entire country with the capability to deliver a letter to the most remote location for only the cost of one stamp. I thought it would be fun to create a story that demonstrates its reach by highlighting some bizarre, totally off-the-grid people whose only communication with the outside is through the post office”.

Shot over five days in early November 2017, Honig wanted to capture the autumn leaves but mistimed his shoot and instead got a more desolate look to his film, which he feels helped create the “eerie” tone of his film. However, it’s not just the aesthetic of the film making things feel a little strange, the performances, characters and score all help magnify the oddness of the piece to full effect.

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