Luke Hemsworth and Tourism Australia

Luke Hemsworth, aka “The Original Hemsworth Brother”, stars in this Tourism Australia “behind the scenes” ad that follows their Superbowl hit. Via The West Australian:

Step aside, Chris Hemsworth. The “original Hemsworth” Luke is the new star of the Federal Government’s multimillion dollar Dundee campaign. Dressed in Crocodile Dundee-esque khaki, the Westworld star, who is the older brother of Thor’s Chris and The Hunger Games’ Liam, describes Australia as one giant unexplored movie set.

“The movie almost took the world by storm and now you can visit the set, all three million square miles of it,” he said. “I’m no stranger to movie sets but even I haven’t been on a set like this before.”

The ad includes footage of the Great Ocean Road, Sydney Harbour, Freycinet, the Great Barrier Reef and WA beauty spots Cottesloe Beach and Ningaloo Reef. Hemsworth champions the “epic” scenery and “incredible” catering before encouraging visitors to “come say g’day”.

The video marks stage two of a campaign launched at the US Super Bowl in February with a mock trailer for a Crocodile Dundee film. Federal Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham said the reaction to that was “huge” and the video was view by more than 100 million people. “It drove massive hits to the website. This is about building tourism visitation from the US,” he said.

Luke is the eldest of the Hemsworth brothers, which include Thor star Chris and Hunger Games star Liam, who all hail from Victoria.

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