Motorola Emojis

In Motorola’s new ads, when you break your smart phone, you release emojis into the wild, with hilarious results. Via adweek:

The campaign promotes the brand’s Droid Turbo 2, which is billed as a shatterproof screen:

“As we thought about how to really tell the story of shatterproof in a way that is relevant and meaningful to people, the agency came to us with this idea about the world inside your phone and what happens to all of these emojis that are so prevalent and part of our everyday life,” said Barbara Liss, Motorola’s head of North America marketing. “We thought it was a great way to attract the millennial crowd as well as the older crowd—emojis have really become almost a universal language.”

Users can also contribute social content via the hashtag #ShatteredStories.


Client: Motorola Mobility
Agency: VML
Country: United States of America

Debbi Vandeven, Global Chief Creative Officer
Mike Wente, Managing Director & Executive Creative Director
Josh McGuire, Group Creative Director
Harsh Kapadia, Creative Director
Raihana Halim, Senior Art Director
Justine Cotter, Senior Copywriter
Kolby Slocum, Executive Producer
Vicky Trinh, Senior Project Manager
Tarini Shrikhande, Senior Planner
Madeline Nies, Content Strategy Director
Chris Furse, Executive Business Director
Ashley Pryor, Account Supervisor
Kelli Lane, Account Director

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