Natalia Dyer in After Her

Natailie Dyer from Stranger Things is the star of a short film called “After Her”, which subverts the Lost Girl trope into something more interesting. According to writer-director Migliori via Gizmodo:

I was interested in making a short that confronts the perversion of the “missing girl story”, in both film and in reality. I wanted to create something meditative and personal with a small group of collaborators; I shot most of the film myself, including the VFX, which were hand-done in my parents’ basement.

I’m from Rhode Island and grew up reading Lovecraft, and was incredibly inspired by his worlds, his characters, and their maddening search for the bigger picture, the great answers. As Callum searches for Hailey, the alluring missing girl of his past, his expectations get challenged. His journey spans fertile woods, deep caves and fallopian tunnels. He grows to realise that he is a passenger, not a pioneer, while she is the leader, not the victim.

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