Netflix's Dogs

Netflix has a beautifully filmed high production new series about… dogs, each episode following a different dog. Spoiler alert: They are all good dogs. Via E News:

Dogs, they’re great companions, even better viral video stars and just generally lovable fluff balls. They’re also Netflix’s newest stars in the appropriate titled documentary series Dogs. The six-part series had a trailer drop in late October that probably made you try, so yeah, buckle up for the full thing when it drops Friday, Nov. 16 on Netflix. Where exactly did the idea for Dogs come from?

Glen Zipper, the show’s developer and executive producer, said his life changed in 2003 when he met a pup. He was working as a criminal prosecutor and knew it was not what he wanted to be doing. Enter the dog. “Skinny, with big, splotchy patches of his hair missing, he was in the care of some kids who had taken him away from a neglectful owner. The kids had named him ‘Anthony,'” Zipper said in a statement released by Netflix. This dog, Anthony, was taken to a shelter, but stayed on Zipper’s mind, he said, and he called to check on him and found out that if he wasn’t adopted in three days he’d be euthanized. After racing to the shelter, he met the dozens of dogs in need of adoption and the dedicated shelter staff looking after them.

“Inspired by their efforts, it wasn’t long before I turned in my badge and spent most of my hours volunteering in adoption outreach. It was hard, emotionally taxing work, but the happiness and fulfillment it brought me led me to another realization — it was time for me to head out to that place a million miles away,” he said. And then he found his calling: telling stories. As he embarked on the new producing career, Anthony has been by his side. He made the trip with him from New Jersey to Los Angeles, and has been his copilot ever since.

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