Nothing Beats a Londoner by Megaforce

Megaforce and W+K have come up with a gorgeous new ad for Nike, celebrating London, Londoners, and the diversity and energy of the city. Via Adweek:

Some Nike commercials are as memorable for their camerawork, and the way they’re shot, as for their celebrity stars or message of inspiration.

Guy Ritchie’s stunning 2008 spot “Take It to the Next Level” immediately comes to mind. A decade later, the brand’s newest effort from Wieden + Kennedy London, titled “Nothing Beats a Londoner,” is likewise technically breathtaking, in part thanks to the efforts of Riff Raff directors Megaforce.

W+K has described the three-minute spot, which rolled out last Friday, as being “from London, for London.” But it wouldn’t have been the same without the four Frenchmen who make up Megaforce, whose long career in music videos has included work for Rihanna and Madonna.

The ad takes the viewer on a tour of the British capital. It celebrates the spirit and competitiveness of real-life Londoners by featuring 258 of them, including famous faces from music and sports like Mo Farah, Harry Kane, Dina Asher-Smith, Gareth Southgate and Skepta.

The spot weaves together a slew of different scenes by having a character from each one slip seamlessly into another, over and over. The talent narrates by talking directly to the camera, and each scene features different types of camera moves and tricks—some of them as wild as anything Nike has put on film. Furthering the playful sense of competition, even the music changes for each scene, offering everything “from a classical​ ​score to grime to a wurlitzer organ,” says W+K.

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