Ok Go and Obsession

Ok Go is known for pushing the boundary in their music videos, but their latest video, Obsession, still blew our minds. Via Rolling Stone:

The innovative video, a collaboration between the band and paper company Double A, utilizes stop-motion imagery, precise choreography and 567 printers to create the “world’s first paper mapping” project. “New, unique and very exciting, the technique allows OK Go to have fun experimenting with movements,” Double A wrote of the project. “The band even spent 2 weeks in Japan where the shooting took place to help develop and test the system to ensure everything functions perfectly. They also had to rehearse their dance moves for the video – which they had to perform in front of 567 printers and countless piles of paper.”

Throughout the visual, which took five days to film, the printers work in unison to create a background behind OK Go, with the printers alternating between colorful tableaus to scenic images to the printed versions of the band members themselves.

As OK Go noted on Twitter, the “Obsession” video was delayed by YouTube’s Auto HD function, which resulted in “some pretty intense distortion during a few sections, because when the the colors and patterns get crazy, there’s actually just too much information flying by for YouTube’s normal HD compression.” The band recommends watching on either 1440p or 2160p quality to properly view the visual.

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