Old Spice: Next Episode

Old Spice has a new ad called Next Episode, pushing their New Swagger product. It’s as funny as ever, and has already gone viral. Via their YouTube description:

SPOILER ALERT: The two friends make it out of the apartment alive, reach the car before they get a ticket, and then go on to have a really memorable night out. Despite being “off carbs”, Derek decided to have a nacho, of course grabbing the most loaded of the mound. Powered up by a dizzying mix of fried tortilla, melted cheese, and Old Spice Swagger, he then decided to stick a quarter into Alien Gateway 2. A large crowd gathered around the game, and with their enthusiastic support, he then proceeded to beat the high score. Both men learned a valuable lesson in friendship that evening. Six years down the line, both men get married and raise wonderful families. Despite the strenuous commitments of fatherhood and middle management, the guys still find time to go bowling together once a month. Derek eventually dies in his sleep at the ripe old age of 102. It was a happy funeral, not one of those dry, somber affairs. Derek brought joy to a lot of people’s lives. None more so than his close group of friends that he somehow managed to stay in touch with after college. This long-lasting friendship could be attributed to the confidence-boosting scent of Old Spice Swagger. This could easily be construed as “”a preposterous exaggeration of the truth for commercial benefit”” but we maintain that this 300+ word YouTube description is mere puffery. Please keep the information you’ve gained from this spoiler to yourself, so as not to ruin the story for people who haven’t yet seen the commercial. Thank you.

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