Old Town Road Music Video

Old Town Road has dropped its hotly anticipated music video, which features a whole host of celebrity cameos, including from Chris Rock. Via Vice:

A little over a month after it was denied its place on the country charts, Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” is still standing triumphant atop the Billboard Hot 100, which means, of course, that it’s time for a big-budget video. The Atlanta meme-maker-turned-rapper hinted that the visual for the song sparking the discourse for the “yeehaw agenda,” otherwise known as the bridge between hip-hop and rap, would be a movie and we should have listened. The credits for “Old Town Road” boast stars like Chris Rock, Diplo, Vince Staples, and Rico Nasty, but Lil Nas is truly the star of the show. The beginning of the five-minute video carries subliminal shots at this controversy surrounding his place on Billboards charts. “The last time I was here they weren’t too welcoming to outsiders,” he says to Billy Ray. One could gather the comment is a reference to the discussions of who was allowed to make country music when Lil Nas released the original version. “Eh, you’re with me this time,” Cyrus says. “Everything’s gonna be alright.” The 20-year-old rapper travels through time from Old Town Road in 1889 to Old Town Road of the present day, bringing his horse, spurs, and fringe with him baffling the residents on the block he rides in on.

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