Animal Planet's Puppybowl and Kittenbowl

Animal Planet’s Puppybowl and Kittenbowl is back for another year, following the Superbowl! It encourages adoption of rescue cats and dogs. And, it’s adorable. Adoption is for US only, but in case you were curious, Bustle has the low down:

Whether you love the Super Bowl or hate it, pretty much everyone can agree that the Puppy Bowl is a glorious occasion. Just as in past years, you can adopt the puppies in the 2019 Puppy Bowl, though according to USA Today, most of the furry friends you’ll see on-screen found homes last fall, when the Puppy Bowl XV was filmed. Still, there are many more puppies available for adoption from the featured shelters. So while your potential new dog might not be a Puppy Bowl MVP, they still could very well be the MVP of your heart.

For its 15th year, Puppy Bowl worked with 51 animal shelters and rescue organizations from more than 20 states, the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica, per USA. There will be a grand total of 93 puppies featured and there are 36 puppies in the starting lineup from 27 different shelters. Some of the standouts are Gallagher, the Saint Bernard from AHeinz57 Pet Rescue & Transport in Iowa; Melody, the Maltese and Yorkshire terrier mix from Memphis Humane Society in Tennessee; and Will, the three-legged Old English sheepdog from Doodle Rock Rescue in Texas. (Will is one of three dogs with special needs who will be competing.) But there are so many dogs that everyone watching the Puppy Bowl can have their favorite — and it may lead you to look into how you can get a dog like these adorable competitors from Team Fluff and Team Ruff.

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