Ramadan in Quarantine

Ramadan in Quarantine: during Ramadan, Muslims usually come together to celebrate the Quran. The pandemic has derailed that. Video excerpt:

During Ramadan, Muslims come together to pray, fast, and celebrate the Quran. This year, for the first time in history, Ramadan is being observed in isolation—no mosque, no extended family gatherings, and no traditional Eid celebration.

Sherihan Moustafa, 33, is a Brooklyn-based mother of six and a devout Muslim. She’s also an entrepreneur; her company, Urban Modesty, caters specifically to trendy, modest clothing for Muslim-Americans.

In a new short documentary from The Atlantic, Moustafa and her family explain the challenges of practicing Ramadan during a pandemic. “It’s a test,” she says. “It’s a difficult time to be a mom or to have a business, or any of that. But there are a lot of people that are far worse off.”

Besides, she says, “Ramadan also teaches you to be grateful for everything you have.”

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