Shooting Star

Shooting Star is the latest Overwatch animated cinematic short, featuring Korean pro gamer character turned defender, Hana Song (D.Va). Via Polygon:

The short, called “Shooting Star,” debuted at Overwatch’s Korea Fan Festival. It takes a look beyond the glitz and glamour of D.Va’s fame and gives us a glimpse at what life is like for the former esports champion and current world-saving pilot. In the short, we see that D.Va is the leader of an elite squad of mecha pilots in an organization called MEKA who are tasked with defending the city of Busan from the Omnic threat.

While a news broadcast goes on and on about what a magic life D.Va is living, we see her and her best friend hard at work repairing her mech from the last fight and getting ready for the next one. Suddenly, a new batch of Omnics come flying in toward the city, and with no one else around to help, it’s up to D.Va to take them down solo. Undeterred, she launches off into the fight and shows off the skills that make her Overwatch’s best pilot.

While the short gives us plenty of mech vs Omnic action, its real focus is on Hana, the girl behind the D.Va name. In the short, we can see Hana’s constant dedication to her work with the Mechanical Exo-Force of the Korean Army, in order to help keep the people of Busan safe. We can also see her tireless work ethic and the close relationship she has with her best friend who helps provide support for her while she’s piloting.

Alongside this new cinematic short, Blizzard also announced the new Busan map that takes place in some of the areas we see in the short. According to Overwatch’s game director, Jeff Kaplan, the MEKA base, which appears in both the animated video and the map, was developed through a close collaboration between the game’s design team and the cinematic team.

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