The Irishman

Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman is now out for its very short theatre run before it finds its actual / final home on Netflix… anyone watching? Via the Guardian:

I’s been almost a quarter of a century since Martin Scorsese teamed up with Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci for his epic mob drama Casino. Now, thanks in part to the miracle of digital de-ageing technology, the septuagenarian trio have reunited for another sweeping tale of crime and politics, spanning six decades as it blends the episodic, adrenaline rush of GoodFellas with a rather more contemplative melancholia. Adapted by Gangs of New York co-writer Steven Zaillian from Charles Brandt’s book I Heard You Paint Houses, The Irishman chronicles the life and times of Frank Sheeran, a second world war veteran turned hitman whose story intertwines with that of notorious Teamsters head Jimmy Hoffa.

Backed by Netflix, and clocking in at an expansive three-and-a-half hours, this may seem tailor-made for television audiences. Yet the energy with which Scorsese conducts this labyrinthine elegy ensures that it has enough cinematic oomph to propel it through a brief theatrical window before finding its natural home on the small screen on 27 November.

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